Wireless IP, The Killer Application !?

My website and thesis captures the essential elements in the convergence path of wireless networks and Internet protocols resulting in the new paradigm of "Wireless IP." It covers all the important 1G/2G cellular technologies that I have seen in the past decade, along with 3G and 4G, Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) technologies,including modifications required in protocols, architectures, and framework in virtually every area such as QoS, security, mobility, and so on.

The thesis can be useful for anyone who is interested in the convergence of the wireless and IP networks and for them who need to understand how packet data services and IP work in the wireless world. Furthermore, the thesis represents my views and opinions , based on my technical understanding and experience in these areas

Because the increase of higher system capacities and data rates provided by latest and proposed wireless network technologies, and their closer integration with the Internet enabled by the IP technologies used in these wireless networks are enabling many new ways for people to communicate.
Also people on moving vehicles (e.g. cars, trains, boats and airplanes) may access the Internet or their enterprise networks the same way as when they are at their offices or homes. They may be able to surf the Internet, access their corporate networks, download games from the network, play games with remote users, obtain tour guidance information, obtain real-time traffic and route conditions information.

Wireless networks are evolving into wireless IP networks to overcome the limitations of traditional circuit-switched wireless networks. Wireless IP networks are more suitable for supporting the rapidly growing mobile data and multimedia applications.
IP technologies (such as Mobile IP) are the most promising solutions available today for supporting data and multimedia applications over wireless networks. IP-based wireless networks will bring the globally successful Internet service into wireless networks. The mobile or wireless Internet will be an extension to the current Internet.

Advanced mobile data and multimedia applications such as; MMS, play games in real time with remote users, Voice over wireless (VoIP calls) and broadcasting of audio and video advertisements to mobile phone users such as: advertiser supported phone calls, Wireless IP-enabled radio and watch TV, will grow very fast. New IP broadcasting techniques such as DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting for Handhelds), will make it possible to bring video broadcasting services to handheld receivers.

In particular, the growth of advanced mobile data and multimedia applications such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP) help increase multimedia traffic over the wireless networks significantly. Thus, Wireless IP can also be a killer sometimes. Therefore future Wireless IP networks can only be able to service those mobile data and multimedia applications without congestions in the Wireless network, if those Wireless IP networks are ready for it. In other words, "those networks need to be controlled (e.g. by QoS parameters or other specific protocols) end must have enough bandwidth to support all this types of services. Wireless networks and the IP technologies within those networks have to be reviewed and evolved constantly.

Remark these words:
The traffic on broadband wireless networks will be increasingly IP


Officially CWNT !

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Almost 10 years after passing CWNP CWNE, I am Certified Wireless Network Trainer. (CWNT) since June 19, 2019

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Another 3 years !

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Passed CWNA-107 and extended another 3 years to my CWNE #86.. Started my first CWNP certification track in 2005 and got my CWNE in 2010…

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About us

WiFi Wise is dé onderneming voor alles WiFi, met de wereldwijd erkende CWNP certificering op het hoogste niveau CWNE waar er maar 280 van zijn op de wereld, waarvan 2 in Nederland geregistreerd.

WiFi Wise is vendor independent, maar wél met product kennis, waardoor we de beste oplossing voor iedere klantcase opnieuw kunnen bepalen zonder oogkleppen van een merk op te hebben.

We zetten niet het merk maar de techniek voor op, die kan per installatie anders zijn. WiFi is en blijft RF, daar zijn we specialisten in.

We bieden voor elk budet de beste Wi-Fi oplossing.

Deze praktijk ervaring willen we ook delen, van CWT opleiding voor de installateur tot en met CWDP en het begeleiden van mensen tot CWNE, we hebben gecertificeerde trainers in huis.


Wi-Fi, WiFi, Site Survey, Troubleshooting, WaaS, Leisure WiFi, Healthcare WiFi, Corporate WiFi, and Industrial WiFi



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Two WiFi specialists join forces. Peter Paul Engelen ™ who has an icon at CWNP and has the highest certifications, begins with Raymond Hendrix also at CWNP certified the company WiFi Wise

This specialized company in WiFi products, applications and services provides vendor-independent advice, installation, configuration, maintenance and possibly problem solving. Both men have gained tremendous hands-on experience with key vendors such as Ruckus networks, Aerohive networks, Cisco Merak, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard enterprise company, as well as Ubiquiti networks, Huawei Technologies and Juniper networks.

Peter Paul, also called “the Dutch WiFi Fella” in international circles, is passionate about WIFI and integration see www.peterpaulengelen.com “We are going to focus on companies and ICT professionals who do not have enough LAN, WIFI and RF knowledge to Project basis. The new company starts near Venray where the office of Raymond www.hendrix-it.nl already houses.

The next edition follows the interview in ChannelConnect, the Dutch knowledge Platform for ICT-business partners.

R-L: Raymond Hendrikx (CWNE #247), Peter Paul Engelen (CWNE #86)
Founders and Owners of WiFI Wise


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WiFi Wise, is the new company of Raymond Hendrikx and Peter Paul Engelen.
Two devoted and passionated WiFi guru’s

Both CWNE (Certified Wireless Network Expert) certified out of CNWP Inc, Durham, NC, USA.
Over more than 15y experience in SMLE WiFi, vendor independent, vertical driven…

Our pay-off: For All Things WiFi!

Our website will be soon available!
please follow WiFi Wise

…to be continued..

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Wireless LAN associations (e.g WLA) and communities (e.g WirelessLAN Professionals) are heading up to Europe more and more.

It’s good to see and hear that those ‘families’ are finding their feedback in Europe. Europe has such a big audience of Wireless experts and specialists.
It’s not only the product vendor certifications for WiFi what is counting in this continent.

Nice to have Cisco Wireless certifications like (CCNA-W, CCNP-W, CCIE-W) or Aruba/HPE’s (ACMA, ACMP, ACMX) but…. WiFi is about RF (Radio Frequency)!

…and when you are talking about RF, then you have to face CWNP (Certified Wireless Network Professional) certification tracks.!
This Vendor Neutral Certifications tracking For Enterprise Wi-Fi is the way to go if you would like to be a The WiFi Expert in the field.

CWNP is located in Durham, NC – USA.
Out of CWNP, less than 300 experts (CWNE’s) worldwide rule the world in WiFi already at this moment.

Those CWNE’s (Certified Wireless Network Experts) know how to deal with RF, administration, security, design and implementation and configuration of Wireless networks.
…so listen to them what they have to tell you about Wireless.

In the US it is a prerequisite to have one or more CWNP tracks to apply for a WiFi job.
Europe has to follow!.

..but I have a big suggestion for CWNP, besides enabling opportunity and providing support, expand your marketing strategie in Europe so Wi-Fi Trek  in this continent will get a boost too !

The other suggestion is for the companies who have WiFi connection problems or want to have a stable, reliable, high density WiFi network… hire CWNE’s !


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Cisco and Apple provide the benefits of optimized WiFi connectivity and the use of prioritized business applications for iOS devices together with the integration of voice and collaboration to reduce costs and complexity in a world where mobility and connectivity are dependable from each other by giving their users more capabilities than ever before and the demanding needs out of the business.

Intelligence and efficient roaming is automatically configured for optimized WiFi connectivity and business data gets priority regarding prioritized business applications.

Not only iOS devices will work more seamslessly in a Cisco mobile enterprise environment, it is also the speed and powerfullness of these mobile devices which is an eyecatcher in this modern world of mobile enterprise.

Cisco and Apple are very familiar to each other by recognizing each devices in a network infrastructure environment together with enabling special capabilities. Apple devices can easily connect to a Cisco access point which gives the user optimized connectivity together with advanced networking features like Fast Roaming and Quality of Service (QoS).

Business critical apps need more bandwidth but combined with iOS 10 latest features and Cisco’s new hardware and software, the business can take full advantage in delivering great use and experience in business-critical real-time apps, (Wi-Fi) calling and collaboration.

“Cruising” the fast lane for business-critical real-time apps only applies for Cisco-Apple deployments so you can prioritize applications per environment.

Out of Cisco’s new hardware and software, the magic 3 WiFi standards (802.11k, 802.11r and 802.11v) were configured for iOS devices, allowing users to move seamlessly between access points on the same network, transition between them without interruption and reduce the delay of roaming and management overhead.

802.11k – send you list of Neighbors

802.11r – Fast Roaming (Fast Transition) without complete reauthentication

802.11v – BSS Transition sends you the new best access point


In summary:
With QoS and 802.11k, 802.11r, 802.11v configured:
* roaming performances will improve in end user browsing and application experience
* reduction in probability of poor audio quality experience
* reduction in network message load from the device beginning roaming
* low battery usage.

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Out of Tech Field Day USA I am invited the third time in a row to attend Cisco live! Europe. I am honoured, especially meeting Ethan BanksGabriele GerbinoIvan PepelnjakJasper Bongertz.

Dominik PickhardtMax Mortillaro — great to see you again, guys..

Special thanks to Stephen Foskett, Tom Hollingsworth, Megan Robinette and Claire Chaplais to make this happen again,

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Out of Tech Field Day I will be attending Cisco Live! 2016 in Berlin, Germany.
Cisco Live! is Cisco’s premier education and technical updating destination for IT professionals. More than 100 sessions, amazing keynotes, more than 75 of Cisco’s top partners, and a customer appreciation event you’ll never forget.

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First I want to thank Chris Lytlle for writing an excellent piece of myth on his blog WiFi Wiki. All the attendees are presented in a funny way.
You are doing a good job Chris !!


Across the sea, Peter Paul Engelen, has been scheming to be invited once again to Wireless Field Day and has finally succeeded! He believes that cunningly distributing stroopwafels to attendees will make him one of the favored attendees in the eyes of Stephen Foskett, King of Field Days, and his old friend Tom Hollingsworth to serve as Hand of the King.

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