Wireless IP, The Killer Application !?

My website and thesis captures the essential elements in the convergence path of wireless networks and Internet protocols resulting in the new paradigm of "Wireless IP." It covers all the important 1G/2G cellular technologies that I have seen in the past decade, along with 3G and 4G, Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) technologies,including modifications required in protocols, architectures, and framework in virtually every area such as QoS, security, mobility, and so on.

The thesis can be useful for anyone who is interested in the convergence of the wireless and IP networks and for them who need to understand how packet data services and IP work in the wireless world. Furthermore, the thesis represents my views and opinions , based on my technical understanding and experience in these areas

Because the increase of higher system capacities and data rates provided by latest and proposed wireless network technologies, and their closer integration with the Internet enabled by the IP technologies used in these wireless networks are enabling many new ways for people to communicate.
Also people on moving vehicles (e.g. cars, trains, boats and airplanes) may access the Internet or their enterprise networks the same way as when they are at their offices or homes. They may be able to surf the Internet, access their corporate networks, download games from the network, play games with remote users, obtain tour guidance information, obtain real-time traffic and route conditions information.

Wireless networks are evolving into wireless IP networks to overcome the limitations of traditional circuit-switched wireless networks. Wireless IP networks are more suitable for supporting the rapidly growing mobile data and multimedia applications.
IP technologies (such as Mobile IP) are the most promising solutions available today for supporting data and multimedia applications over wireless networks. IP-based wireless networks will bring the globally successful Internet service into wireless networks. The mobile or wireless Internet will be an extension to the current Internet.

Advanced mobile data and multimedia applications such as; MMS, play games in real time with remote users, Voice over wireless (VoIP calls) and broadcasting of audio and video advertisements to mobile phone users such as: advertiser supported phone calls, Wireless IP-enabled radio and watch TV, will grow very fast. New IP broadcasting techniques such as DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting for Handhelds), will make it possible to bring video broadcasting services to handheld receivers.

In particular, the growth of advanced mobile data and multimedia applications such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP) help increase multimedia traffic over the wireless networks significantly. Thus, Wireless IP can also be a killer sometimes. Therefore future Wireless IP networks can only be able to service those mobile data and multimedia applications without congestions in the Wireless network, if those Wireless IP networks are ready for it. In other words, "those networks need to be controlled (e.g. by QoS parameters or other specific protocols) end must have enough bandwidth to support all this types of services. Wireless networks and the IP technologies within those networks have to be reviewed and evolved constantly.

Remark these words:
The traffic on broadband wireless networks will be increasingly IP

Wireless Field Day #8, starting from Wednesday, September 30 till Friday, October 2 will be held in San Jose, CA.
Great WLAN vendors will present; Cisco, Aruba, Zebra, Cradlepoint..etc..

Meeting some old and new folks..
See ya there!

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Wireless and mobile networks become business and mission critical for many vertical markets. These wireless networks need to be designed, secured and maintained 24×7.
Practical experience of wireless professionals is most important understanding customer needs, but it also relates to professional certifications to maintain standardization and meeting
organisational and government regulations. EMEA grows rapidly with nationwide broadband networks, Public WiFi networks and adoption of mobility in the enterprise.
The value and standardization to become a CWNE expert is to get practical experience in wireless design, implementation, administration, security, analysis and technical sales.

Hot WiFi certifiications:


This is the highest level of certification offered by CWNP. Recipients should have a mastery of skills relating to the installation, configuration, troubleshooting of enterprise Wi-Fi networks.

Valid and current CWSP, CWAP and CWDP certifications (requires CWNA).
Three years of documented enterprise Wi-Fi implementation experience.
Three professional endorsements.
Two other current, valid professional networking certifications.
Documentation of three enterprise Wi-Fi (500 word essays.)
Re-certification every three years.


This advanced certification teaches individuals how to securely set up and run enterprise wireless LAN.

To earn the CWSP certification, you must pass two exams

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dated: January 28th, 2015
CWNE count: 158

CWNP count

Licensed: #86

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Great days of experience so far inside Cisco’s venue in Milan, Italy
Meeting new people and companies within The World Of Solutions.
Cisco’s show is overwhelming and very professional organized in Milano Congressi.
Not only The World Of Solutions is counting but also the Technical Breakout Sessions, Meeting The Engineering and so on..


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Delegates: Andrew Mauro @Andrea_Mauro, Blake Krone @BlakeKrone, David Gee @LSP42, Enrico Signoretti @ESignoretti, Hans De Leenheer @HansDeLeenheer
Matt Oswalt @Mierdin, Peter Paul Engelen @PPJM_Engelen, Sam Clements @Samuel_Clements

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Out of Tech Field Day I will be attending Cisco Live! 2015 in Milan, Italy.
Cisco Live! is Cisco’s premier education and technical updating destination for IT professionals. More than 100 sessions, amazing keynotes, more than 75 of Cisco’s top partners, and a customer appreciation event you’ll never forget.

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Received Aruba’s coffee cup today!

Aruba present

I want to thank Aruba for their effort to make Wireless Field Day very successfull every year!

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Unplugging the last cord, ..Welcome Microsoft Lync !

RIP Phones

But before the last cord can be unplugged this should be well prepared starting by a pilot, WiFi should be reliable, meaning Clean RF – High Density Coverage by AirWave  – WiFi Redundancy..and finally the Enterprise Voice Rollout

But why Microsoft Lync?

.It has the best user experience of any UCC offering

.. Mobile apps for smartphones & tablets

…Seamless integration with MS Office productivity suite

….Tight intergration with Aruba WiFI

Fast Lync Adoption:

Lync SDN API should be used to optimize WiFi Roaming, Priority Over The Air and WiFi Call Loadbalancing, on the other hand Lync SDN API intergrates with Aruba WLAN for proactive monitoring, By the way Lync SDN is all about QoS flow and collecting call data

Key components of the Lync topology are:

  • Lync Front End Pool
  • Lync SDN manager
  • Active Directory
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Fluke Neworks was the first presenter during Wireless Field Day 7.

I am glad that they started the presentation about their history of innovation, starting in y2000 with their world’s first WiFi field tester; Waver Runner…and after 14 years the lauch of 802.11ac within AirMagnet…they truly keep the indispendable WiFi networks alive.!

AirMagnet Mission: Networks leaders need to redesign their WLAN’s to address the proliferation of personal mobile devices in the workspace, deploy WLAN’s that currently support three devices per user so that they are robust enough to support Voice,Video and Collaboration.

The biggest challenge for the new 802.11ac technology is not a technical one but making a business case and the roll out should be in a gradual way in “bandwidth or capacity hungry” locations.

But a lot of customers are still in a investigation phase before the transition to 802.11ac can start. Those who have deployed  802.11ac have a lot of connection problems, due to fact that the client devices are not 802.11ac compliant.

Fluke Networks offers the next products with 802.11ac support;  AirMagnet Planner which has a great visualization  coverage and performance, it can determine number, location and configuration of AP’s; AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer Pro, this is a toolkit to measure expected performance before roll outs. AirMagnet Survey Pro; a WLAN deployment solution that enables users to measure true 802.11ac end user experience.

Fluke Networks has the industry’s only complete lifecycle solution to speed up design, deployment and troubleshooting effiency.

Secure your WLAN from flying Drones ….BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU! …Drone Detection…

Introduced by Fluke Networks on June 30, 2014. Drones potentially snoop with video and have the potential to impact entreprise WiFi privacy…

..maybe in future drones can help us out with WLAN site surveying…


or (Google) Glass Detection..Glass scan record HD video from 30 yards and capture PIN’s or other private sections…


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The Delegates have Spoken:

The Dutch Wi-Fi Fellow, Peter Paul Engelen has some BeNeLux questions which Hemant Chaskar and the AirTight team will be happy to address. 

More info: http://bit.ly/1kowUrH

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